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Easter Sale!

March 1, 2018

We have finally announced our Easter Sale deals & we know it’s going to be turning a few heads.

With this being the biggest one we ever have done, it’s got us pretty excited for 2018!

Some of our offers come with Terms & Conditions as said but that’s not to put people off. We based our prices on our combi installs on straight swaps. However our boilers come with 5, 7 & 10 year warranties.

If you haven’t looked at the offer banner at the top then you should really look right here:-

• Cooker Servicing from £30

• Fire Service from £40

• CP12’s from £45*

• Combi Service from £50

• Combi & Fire Service from £70

• Back Boiler & Fire Service from £70

• Combi, Fire & Cooker Service from £90

• Hive Smart Active Heating Thermostat with installation from £220

• Trace & Repair Gas Leaks from £240

• Plumbing work from £20

• Gas Appliance repairs from £35

• Cooker Install from £45*

• Fire Install from £45

• MagnaCleans Installed from £100

• Combi Installs from £999 with Hive Smart Thermostats included

• All boilers come with 5,7 & 10 warranties

• Free Emergency call outs for existing customers.

We are that excited we are now adding more to our huge sale on installation of white good appliances like dishwashers & washing machines from £40!

Please note that some prices may differ on the products highlighted with an asterisk* this maybe down to product requirements etc. Just ask about our terms & conditions.

If you would like to know more, please contact us for more information on 07462469091

Autumn Deals!!

23th September , 2018

Service & Maintenance

Combi Boiler Service


Fire Service


Combi Boiler & Fire Service


Back Boiler & Fire Service


Boiler, Fire & Cooker Service


Cooker Service



Cooker Install


Fire Install


Baxi uSense Smart Thermostat


Adey MagnaClean


Landlord offer!

Safety Checks with certification

£60 (3 appliances)

£45 (1-2 appliances)

Letting Agents, discounts available!

Emergency call outs after 6pm


Repairs on all gas appliances


Trace & Repair Gas Leaks at set rate


Call us on 07462469091 for more information!

Update from us!

16th Feb , 2019


A small update from us here at Bells! We have been really working hard to keep the North East warm on breakdowns & repairs, in fact we have been that busy, we now cover the North of England.

Many issues we have encountered along the way with domestic properties is boiler issues like pressure loss. Pressure loss can happen at anytime & majority of these type of call outs are simple fixes if you know what to do. 

So, silly season is coming to end but still plenty of time to get your requests in for boiler services & repairs. Installs & quotations still being done but whilst on the subject, we have to introduce you to the Baxi 600 range. a small but powerful combi that will heat your home just as good as what the Platinum/Duo-Tec range will.

The Baxi 600 has been brilliant on the boiler install & we have to say it has really been my favorite boiler to install this year. it is lightweight & will fit in a tight fitting cupboard. Another cracking review is that it is quiet. You can not hear it. This boiler has OpenTherm compatibility! Its overall a quality boiler that will work well with the Baxi Usense smart stat. Head over to our store for prices!

Over the busy season, we gladly welcomed a new addition to the family, regardless the sleepless nights, we were still determined to keep the North East warm but we have decided to change call out times & prices for customers. Its paramount that customers in the South Tyneside area understand we do NOT charge call out charges for you. We do have to for customers outside South Tyneside.

Most of all we would like to thank all of our loyal customers for their patience & loyalty, your business is greatly appreciated & we thank you again.


Winter Season is creeping up fast!

18th Sept , 2019


Its been another busy couple of months with us here at Bells Heating & Gas, Its been that busy that the sole focus has been to improve our knowledge on system boilers as well repairing & maintaining heating systems in our social housing contracts. We have noticed that 37% of heating systems within the social housing sector are highly inefficient with 4 out of 10 properties new heating systems or major repairs so that they can achieve the SEDBUK A-C Rating!

Our findings are based on how many emergency call outs we received where follow on work was required. This is not including our private sector work either.

We have noticed a recent higher rate in private sector as many customers don't service & maintain their boilers as much as they should do unless they encounter a problem on their system. we found 39% of housing in the private sector are so far deemed insufficient or even worse dangerous.

We attended 1 property in March this year where the homeowner did not service his combi for 7 years. The last time a gas engineer ever laid eyes on this boiler was 2012 since its installation. The problems we encountered nearly brought a reliable Baxi boiler to the scrapper till we came to bring it back to its former glory. The boiler is now up to safety standard with a brand new filter & service booked in for next year. The cost of this has made the homeowner realize the importance of servicing also doesn't just save you money but may save their system as well as their life



11th Feb , 2020

Over 80% of UK adults could be at risk of mistaking carbon monoxide poisoning symptoms for a different illness such as a cold, flu or hangover, according to new research published today.

The findings are released as part of new national campaign from the Gas Safe Register - Better Gas Safe Than Sorry - to help improve public awareness of carbon monoxide poisoning. The data reveals that more than three quarters (82%) of people are unlikely to consider CO poisoning as the possible cause of a headache and nausea. This is despite these symptoms being two of the most common signs of exposure to the poisonous gas.

The research, which involved 3,000 UK adults, suggests that most people don’t realise that the effects of CO exposure may not be severe. Only one in five (20%) respondents said they’d be aware of a carbon monoxide leak in their home if they felt unwell, as opposed to seriously unwell.

These findings are particularly concerning as latest figures show that 5.5 million homes in the UK are known to have unsafe gas appliances, such as gas boilers, cookers or gas fires which can lead to carbon monoxide leaking. Even more worryingly, only 20% of those surveyed said they always stop using a faulty gas appliance until it is fixed and just 42% get their gas appliances serviced every year by a Gas Safe registered engineer.

Gas Safe


29th March , 2020

Bells Heating & Gas would like apologize to all our customers but on the 16th March we decided to suspend all servicing & non essential gas or plumbing work for the foreseeable future. 

We are currently only attending emergency repairs such as gas leaks & boiler repairs only.

Please note that we will be taken every precaution possible to help prevent the spread of Covid-19. We will be asking the following questions upon booking of a emergency appointment:-

  1. Are they, or anybody in their household unwell with a fever, cough or flu like symptoms?
  2. Have they or anybody in their household been in contact with anyone with a confirmed case of Coronavirus?
  3. We will ask if you are self isolating or been advised to self isolate?
  4. What length of isolation has been advised?

Our engineers will always ring before attending any appointments to ask for any changes in circumstances. Please note it is the engineers discretion if they will enter the property or not. 

Social distancing will apply & customers will be required to maintain 2m distance away from engineer & the area of where the work is required.

Prior to any work taken place our engineers will be wearing gloves & face masks & will clean any work spaces they will be working on.

If you or anyone answer yes to any of the questions 


19th July , 2020

Here at Bells Heating & Gas we have been looking into changing what we offer from servicing combi boilers. We have noticed sometimes boilers need more than just a service & some boilers require a little TLC.

On most repairs we generally replace parts such as Electrodes, Flame rectification probes to burner seals etc. So without having any nasty surprises we have decided to make service packages:-

Baxi Boiler Service packages includes

  • Gold Package priced at £149.99
  1. Silver & Bronze Package included
  2. Flow Turbine
  • Silver Package priced at £119.99
  1. All Bronze Package included
  2. Combustion Chamber Gasket
  3. Spark Ignition Probe
  4. Flame Rectification Probe
  5. Condensate Trap Bottle Cap
  • Bronze Package priced at £49.99
    1. Full Safety Check on Boiler
    2. Boiler cleaned & hoovered with condensate trap cleaned out
    3. All magnetic filters cleaned & emptied
    4. Free Homeowners safety certificate